Animal Ayurveda

Animal Ayurveda is a 100 percent pure natural product that was researched and developed
for pets based on the principle of the most ancient traditional medicine Ayurveda.
The 100% natural Herb Pack is pet friendly product that keep pet’s health and beauty fully maintained.

eureka CO.,LTD. which was established in 2002, started developing products for pets based on the Ayurveda concept.
They had made researches with animal hospital, veterinary colleges and groomers in Japan,
and then started selling “Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack” caring an entire body.



Ayurveda- the most ancient traditional medicine- have a 5000 years of history.
Ayurveda puts an importance on prevention of disease as well as curing a disease , keeping people healthy and making everyone happy.

Additionally , the medicine has an idea that “All living have the right to be happy” so it strongly values health care for not only human but also animals.

Ingredients and Farm

The green paste is made of 100% pure natural organic herbs certified by the USDA and ECOCERT.
It is completely safe even if your dog licks the paste because the Ayurveda herb pack is all natural.
You can even use it on your dog’s face.

The green paste

Deliver ingredients from farms we made a contract with

  • We focus on natural herbs and handle them that are grown without fertilizers but with organic ones in Indian farms which we made a contract with.
  • We use high quality herbs that was picked up by hand and we selected carefully.
  • Our Herb Pack are made from ingredients that are endorsed as organic products around the world like ECOCERT.
  • We have farms and factories endorsed by ECOCERT that cultivate, process and deliver herbs to manage product quality from beginning to end.
  • We handle herbs which people in India have been using for skin care and hair care since ancient.



  • This herb has the strongest power of Ayurveda herbs to cleanse body and blood.
  • It is safe for mammals but bad bugs like fleas and ticks hate it.
  • Medicine for skin disease, rash and zit.
  • It is utilized for soap, shampoo, toothpaste and moisturizer.



  • Conditioning effect for fur
  • Add volume and prevent tangles
  • Medicine for skin disease and Leprosy
  • Kill E.coil and staphylococcus aureus
  • Medicine for diabetes mellitus
  • Cure fatty lever caused by alcohol
  • Reduce cholesterol




  • Moisturize skin properly
  • Normarize levels of oil in skin
  • Reduce pain and fever
  • Prevent sunburn and skin trouble caused by it
  • Prevent bacteria from multiplying
  • Resist dermatophyte and pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Boost metabolism and promote anti-aging

Effects of Herb pack

Animal Ayurveda Herb Pack can make your dog’s skin and coat healthy at the same time.

How does this work?

Skin Care
Our fine herb powder removes greasy dirt such as sebum and old keratin that cannot be removed with regular shampoo.
Our natural herb ingredients formula helps clean skin and reduce the growth of bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors and annoying stickiness.
It helps clean, repair and nourish skin, reducing unpleasant odors and stickiness, creating conditions that are less prone to skin problems.
Hair care
Our herb pack system protects and coats each strand of hair.
The results are supple, voluminous and detangled hair that prolongs your pet’s beauty well after a salon visit.


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