Three Classified Herbs by Types

Beauty & Health Herb Pack
Add Luster and Volume to Fur

Beauty & Health Herb Pack

Focus on the beauty of finish
This herb Pack is the best one for coating fur and making hair volume, so that we reccomed it when you want to keep your pet's hairstlye pretty preventing tangles or make beautiful finish maintaining healthy skin.

Skin Health Herb Pack
For Pesky Odor and Stickiness

Skin Health Herb Pack

Focus on skin mentenace
For oily skin that gets sticky in a minute even though you clean it up.
This herb Pack removes sebum and prevent skin troubles as herb essence deodorizes pesky odor.

Moisture Health Herb Pack
Moisturize Skin and Fur

Moisture Health Herb Pack

Focus on moisturizing
This herb Pack contains Aloe vera gel as a component to moisturize.
It works well for dry fur and skin, cooling down of sunburned skin and softening stiff fur.

Three Combinations with Herb Packs and Beauty Oil

Beauty & Health Herb Pack+Beauty Oil
Good for long-haired dogs like Chihuahua, Dachshund, pomeranian, Papillon and so on.
This is recommemded when you want to make the well-organized finish without much volume.
For Poodle and Bichin Frise, a little of Beauty Oil will prevent tangles.

Moisture Health Herb Pack+Beauty Oil
This combination is recommended for dry skin.
Aloe vera and Beauty Oil works on reducing scurf and itchiness caused by dry skin.
It's also recommended for white-hair-dog which often get outstanding dirt and when you want to soten stiffness of fur.

Skin Health Herb Pack+Beauty Oil
The conbination with Beauty Oil and Skin Health for oily skin dogs is a rare case.
For conbination skin, apply the paste without the oil to oily part of skin and the paste with the oil to dry part of skin.

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