Focusing on Ingredients

Deliver ingredients from farms we made a contract with

● We focus on natural herbs and handle them that are grown without fertilizers but with organic ones in Idian farms which we made a contract with.

● We use high quality herbs that was picked up by hand and we selected carefully.

● You can use Herb Pack without worrying because they are made from ingredients that are endorsed as organic products around the world like Eco-sale.

● We have farms and factories endorsed by eco-sale that cultivate, process and deliver herbs to manage product quality from beginning to end.

● We handle herbs which people in India have been useing for skin care and hair care since ancient.

Ingredients of Herb Pack


○This herb has the strongrst power of Ayurveda herbs to cleanse body and blood.
○It is safe for mammals but bad bugs like fleas and ticks hate it.
○Medicine for skin disease, rash and zit.
○It is utilized for soap, shampoo, toothpaste and moisturizer.

●Use example of Neem

Neem has some effects like anti-inflamatory effect, astringent effect, sterilization and anti-pyretic effect. So it is utilized to cure a varaiety of illness and symptom.
This herb tree is familiar to people in India and called "pharmacy in the village".

There are a lot of ways to use as follows and it is regarded as panacea.
・Washing hair and face by hotwater with Neem for skin care
・Biting a twig of Neem to prevent a cavity
・Drinking Neem herb tea to keep inside of body always healthy

Ther are various Neem products in India like soap, moisturizer and medicine for athlete's foot.

●Neem's effect for bad bugs

One of Neem's big charactaristics is insect repellent effect.
According to research reports, about 200 spieces of bad bugs like cockroach, mosquito and flea hate Neem essence.

Farmers in India spread boiled Neem water on the field instead of pestcide and store crops with Neem to repel bad bugs.

Neem essence has an extraordinary effect for bad bugs.
It doesn’t kill them directly, but prevents them from eating, growing and breeding.

●Poison of Neem

Resherchers tested many Neem products for poison in America and Germany and didn't find causes of mutation or cancer and skin inflammation.
Additionally, they didn't find organ troubles even when they use thick Neem essence for mice and rats.

Neem is harmful for bad bugs but harmless for mammals.
Some Canadian scientist says that Neem is harmless for invertebrates in water.
This herb has been keeping our health since ancient.


○Conditioning effect for fur
○Add volume and prevent tangles
○Medicine for skin disease and Leprosy
○Kill E.coil and staphylococcus aureus
○Medicine for diabetes mellitus
○Cure fatty lever caused by alcohol
○Reduce cholesterol etc..

Cassia,which has bright yellow flowers, is cultived in central and southern India, especially in dry areas.
This herb makes fur fluffy and silky and treat damaged hair like hair breakage and split ends, so it is used as hair-care herb to prevent dried wavy hair.

Moreover, it is also used as medicine for skin disease.
According to a recent report, Cassia kills E.coil and other various bacteria.

This herb has been used as medicine for fatty lever caused by alcohol and diabetes mellitus and to reduce cholestrol in Ayurveda.
『It is utilized as a main content of Ayurveda, which ia called "calpa".
Cassia keep our health from inside of our body like Neem.


○Moisturize skin properly
○Normarize levels of oil in skin
○Reduce pain and fever
○Prevent sunburn and skin trouble caused by it
○Prevent bacteria from multiplying
○Resist dermatophyte and pseudomonas aeruginosa
○Boost metabolism and promote anti-aging

Aloe vera works to moisturize skin while normalizing levels of oil in skin.
This herb cancels out toxin from bacteria and prevent inflammation.
We use Aloe vera powder that 1000kg of Aloevera is taken to make only 1kg of.

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