the Oldest Holistic Health Care in the World

Ayurveda which is one of the medecines Who endorsed have been passed down from ancient to modern society for over 5000years.
This medecine is one of the four grand medicines in the world―Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine and Yunani medicine―and the origin of Chinese medecine.

Ayurveda consists of two indian words.
They are AYU(life) and VEDA(science) and called Life Science or Scirnce of Self-Healing in Japan.
It gives us wisdoms about how to know our own body and mind, heal them and live a good life healthly.

How Come the Animal Ayurveda Concept

Animal Ayurveda is a developed product based on the concept of Ayurveda.
We aimed at pet-friendely health and beauty care for pet that put importance onenhancing beauty as well as preventing illness and developed this product.

Two purposes of Ayurveda

There are two purpose of Ayurveda.
1.Curing people and animals suffering from illness.
2.Keeping people and animals healthy.

Ayurveda has an idea that “All living things have the right to be happy”, so it strongly values health care for not only human but also animals.
People have treated livestocks carefully like asset and look after their health.

Treatment of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is promoting our health by natural products like herbs, vegetables and fruits.

This medicine removes toxin and surplus energy from the inside of body with naturel cleansing power so that we can promote our self-healing power, cure illuness and keep ourselves healthy.

In addtion, promoting self-healing power means preventing illness and aging as well as curing.

Friendly Care to Both of Pets and Owners

Made from natural products, this medicine has no side effects like chemical ones have.

A lot of people and animal in India still take care of their health by using herbs.

We selected harbs from Ayurveda herbs that are suitable for Japanese climate, environment and pet.

We develop and produce Herb Packs for the first time in the world that take care of pets' beauty and health without any damage.


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