Herb Pack

We selected herbs from Ayurveda that are superior in making skin beautiful and health.

Their effect and safety are endorsed by animal doctors.
You can apply the paste to face beacause we use edible herbs.

This is the whole-body supplement Pack that enables you to perform skin care and beauty care at once.

Skin Care

Micro herb powders remove not only sebum and deadskin as the causes of pesky odor and stickiness but also scurf that ticks like.

In addition, componets of herb prevent bacterias from increasing and keep the skin clean.
The herb Pack maintain the skin healthy and keep pets away from skin troubles.

Beauty Care

Every single hair is covered by componets of herb.
They prevent static electricity, dirt and tangles so it means you can take care of your pet easily at home.

After the treatment, your pet gets fluffy, smooth and shiney.
There is no dobut that you'll become addicted to touch.

Natural herbs add body and volume to hair uniquely.
If the thin hair tends to be flattened, they can make it fluffy and long-lasting.
Stiff and dried hair become downy and silky.

Safety of Herb Pack

Scientsts in Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University resarched "About Safety of Herb Pack for dogs and influence on their skin functions".
They performed meal loading test and patch test so that they found the herb Pack is safe and effective treatment.
Additionally, the fact was shown at JCVIM(Japanese College of Veterinary Internal Medicine)

Clean witth One Use

Expanded 200 times skin before and after the treatment

Remove sebum and dirty as the causes of pesky odor and stikiness.
Keep the skin clean as condition texture of skin.

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