Beauty Oil/Skin Butter

Animal Ayurveda Beauty Oil

Dry skin and fur, troublesome sucarf and easily tangled.
If your pet havs troubles like above, you can add this oil and make it graceful!

Including herb essence made by sesami oil

● Beauty Oil has the herb essence with skin cleansing effect.

● This is All-Natural product without any chemicals, so you can use it for sensitive skin with no worry to remain healthy skin.

● This is safe enough that animals can eat.
  (Attention:This is not food.)

Charactaristics of Beauty Oil

● Moisturize skin and fur to prevent dryness.

● Reduce hair volume and make hair moist and fluffy.

● Make fur glossy as well as reduce scurf caused by dryness.

● Prevent snarls and tangles, so that stress caused by brushing decrease.

★We recommend this for dogs like below★
● For long-haired dogs like Duchshund,Pomeranian and Papillon, when you want to reduce hair volume and make them graceful.

● For short-haired dogs with much scurf.

● For dogs having so thin fur that it is easy tangled without everyday brushing.

● For aged dogs having dry hair without luster.

Skin Butter

Coconut with herb essence that has anti-bacterial effect.
Apply this to the area directly that you're worried about.
Consist of 100% of natural componet, so that this is safe enough that your pet licks!

Charactaristics of Skin Butter

● You can spread this to a large area by even a little of it.

● 化This is safe enough that animals can eat because there is no chemicals in it.
  (Attention:This is NOT food.)

● This can be liquid under room temperature and soild under cold temperature.
  Product's quality and effects won't be changed in both.
  When you use it under cold temperature, you should warm the bottle by hand to melt Skin Butter to liquid.

● This is well-spread and you use it carefully not to apply too much.

● Use example of Skin Butter for skin deseases was in the journal of veterinary oriental medicine Vol.15.

How to use

● For sticky skin
  Apply this to the area that you're worreid about.

● For paw care
  Add a small quantity to the damaged pads and softly familirize to the skin.

● For the care of ears
  Wipe the inside of the ear with cotton soacked in Skin Butter after cleaning.

As another, apply a small quantity to bald or raugh skin and familirize it.

Herb Pack+Skin Butter

 If you apply Herb Pack to pets covered with Skin Butter, components of Skin Butter work into skin and hair very well.
 It means that you perform beauty care, skin care and healt care efficiently and naturally.

Way to use
● Apply Skin Butter to the area that you're worried about and use Herb Pack on it.

● You can apply Herb Pack to the whole body or a part of it.

● Leave for 10 minutes after applying Herb Pack and wash it off completely by shower.

● You should apply Skin Butter again if you're worried about dry skin or itchiness after dry completely by towel and hair dryer.

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